MyGold Tea

MyGold Tea is an indigenous product of Malawi; the tea leaves used in the blending of MyGold Tea are collected from the finest tea gardens of Malawi.

MyGold Tea is the supreme blend of tea of which the smell and taste give a feeling of refreshingness to anyone who drinks it.

It is the endeavor of our highly qualified staff which work very hard for making this unique export quality blend of MyGold Tea for Malawian people and other tea lovers.

Our History

Why Our Tea Taste So Good

By providing these ideal growing conditions, we grow and produce healthy and high-quality tea leaves.
Ideal Climate

Warm and humid climate

Well-drained Soils

Rich in high-nutrient soil.

Ideal Altitude

600+ meters above sea level

Water supply

Adequate water supply

Proven farming practices

Years of farming experience


We produce a range of exceptional tea varieties and blends that suit your taste preference.